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Pennywise Investment

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Pennywise Investment

This product is a tenured savings products in which the customer can fix his/her excess cash for a period of time. The product is available to both individual and corporate customers.

Features and benefits

  • Starting balance is not less than N50,000
  • Attracts interest far larger than conventional
  • It is tenured for 30,60,90 or 180 days etc
  • Can be used as collateral for loan
  • Amount above N 2m attracts negotiable interest rates
  • May be accepted as collateral

PennyWise Platinum Fund

This is a special financial package designed with an attractive bumper pack

Features and benefits

  • Minimum Deposit of N1million
  • Duration of 90days
  • Interest of 1.5% per month i.e (Net of Tax)
Global Flexibility Investment

Upto 75% More Asests

Security Financial Solutions

Upto 25% More Asests

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